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Farrah Abraham Searches For Men On Plentyoffish

Michael Jackson More Photos View all 5 photos Not only does she have a hard time finding people who aren't turned off by films, she also has trouble navigating through those that aren't, and trying to find out if they are interested in her or just a fan of her work. So, instead of meeting guys on the street or in bars, the former Teen Mom 2 star has become a member of PlentyOfFish, an online dating website. "I'm on PlentyOfFish!" Farrah told VH1 cameras in a deleted scene from Couple's Therapy, obtained by Wetpaint Entertainment on March 7. "I've picked out some guys that have been matching with my details of what I'm looking for." Although Farrah has taken the first steps toward finding love, she doesn't seem all that ready for it because of all she's been through in the press recently -- and during her most recent relationships. "I feel like I'm very vulnerable right now, and dating is even a hard subject to think about, so I kinda just am very cautious," she explained. Farrah changed her life when she signed on to star in a sex tape, so finding love isn't going to be easy -- for her or farah Abraham video the guy. After all, being linked to a porn star isn't exactly a respectable thing.

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